AES Traineeship Graduation 2015 Goat Island FINAL from Fred Harris on Vimeo.

As a registered Group Training Organisation, we achieve 70-75% traineeship completion. We employ trainees under a training agreement and place them with host employers. An AES Account Consultant will provide coaching and mentoring for trainees and host employers to help make the structured work placement program a success. The AES recognizes the best start to a career is one that provides structured accredited learning alongside supportive paid work placement experience. The AES has these available programs:

School Based Traineeships/ School Based Apprenticeships

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A School Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship gives students practical work experience and skills during Year 10 to Year 12. Each Graduate from this program will receive a nationally accredited qualification and the chance of a full-time position and/or tertiary education. This School Based Traineeship provides a proven head-start towards a long term career. School Based Trainees are expected to complete up to 800 hours of training with a host employer over two years which counts towards the Higher Education Year 12 Certificate.

Full-Time Traineeships/Full-Time Apprenticeships

We make traineeships/apprenticeships as simple as possible. As a registered Group Training Organisation, we are able to employ trainees/apprentices under a training contract and place them with host employers. Our service expertise represents the majority of Industry Sectors ranging from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma. The duration of the full-time traineeship / apprenticeship program is from 3 months upto 3 years.

We therefore take responsibility for the quality and continuity of your employment and your training.

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